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MySQL server is a proficient web based database management system that stores different types of user data such as triggers, fields, primary keys, stored procedures, hyperlinks, views and many more. All user data of MySQL database file is stored in either MyISAM or InnoDB table format.

MySQL server stores user data in a table structure and allows multiple users to create and modify the databases on web. There are several reasons that damage the MySQL database files. These reasons are virus and spyware codes, problem in networking cable, unreliable internet connection and others.

Corruption in MySQL database files may ultimately lead to data loss as user cannot access these files. It is always preferable to keep backup of MySQL database files in an offline folder. The backup folder can be used to retrieve original database file when MySQL server crashes. If you don't have backup file or your database backup file is also corrupt, then you must use third party recovery software.

This MySQL database repair is reliable and cost effective solution to all corruption issues of MySQL database files. The software is provided with sophisticated search algorithms to ensure quick recovery of database objects from crashed MySQL server. Using download MySQL server recovery program, you shall be able to retrieve all items such as triggers, fields, date formats, unique keys, foreign keys, views and stored procedures from the inaccessible database files.

Download MySQL server recovery software uses simple and self explanatory graphical interface and therefore even non-technical person can efficiently use the program. The software allows the user to rebuild corrupt MySQL database files either on MySQL server or in an offline folder. Software user can also save the retrieved database objects in the new MySQL database files. Download MySQL server recovery utility maintains the original data structure in the repaired MySQL database files.

The software supports different versions of MySQL server i.e., 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and 6.x. It also supports Window OS versions 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Download MySQL server utility presents a preview list of all retrieved database objects to the user. You can save entire or selected objects from the preview list of the software.

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Trial version- Download MySQL server recovery

You can use trial version of Download MySQL server recovery program. The free utility allows the user to retrieve objects from the corrupt MySQL database files. You shall be able to view all retrieved database objects on your computer screen. In order to save the retrieved objects, you need to buy the full version of download MySQL server recovery utility.

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